How can I know how much I will get in dividend payouts and when?

The payout amount and schedule will depend on which asset you  choose to add to your Flexible Portfolio. If you want to calculate exact earnings, you can follow these steps:

a. Find all available assets under Flexible Portfolios on our fund selection page

b. In the list above, look for the assets in your portfolio and visit the links to the ETF pages 

c. On the respective ETF pages, look for ETF factsheets - you will find dividend yields and their payout frequencies there.

Here’s an illustrative example:

Let’s imagine you have two assets in your portfolio: 1% allocation to cash and 99% allocation to SPDR® Blomberg 1-3 Month T-Bill ETF in your Flexible Portfolio.

You’ve invested 100,000 Baht into this portfolio. You see that the dividend yield for the ETF is 3.84%, and the payouts are distributed monthly. Your monthly payout distribution would then equal approximately 320 Baht (3.84% x 100,000 divided by 12 months). In this case, because your dividend payout is above the 200 Baht minimum, you can choose to reinvest your earnings or have them transferred to your bank account.

You simply need to update your payout preference on the mobile app in advance (on your Flexible Portfolio overview screen, like in the screenshot below).

The image is only for illustrative purposes

Do note that dividend payouts aren’t always distributed every month and amounts may vary as they are determined by the fund managers. As such, you may be above the 200 Baht minimum on certain months and below on others.