Economic Regime-based Asset Allocation, or ERAA™, is the intelligent investment framework that minimises your risk and maximises your returns.

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Meet ERAA<sup>™</sup>
Meet ERAA<sup>™</sup>

What is Economic Regime-based Asset Allocation?

Economic Regime Asset Allocation

An economic regime is the state of the economy, and macroeconomic data is what tells us what regime we're in.
Good times
Inflationary growth
The 4 economic regimes
We define economic regimes by distinct relationships between growth and inflation.
Tap the boxes to learn about each regime
Economic Regime Asset Allocation
Asset classes behave differently depending on the economic regime. ERAA will change your portfolio’s asset allocation to prepare for the current or upcoming regime while maintaining your risk preferences.

We call this change to your asset allocation “Re-optimisation”.
Re-optimisation is triggered by one of three events:
  • An economic regime change
  • Uncertain economic conditions flagged by our Risk Shield
  • A change in valuation of an asset class

Invest with intelligence

Grow your wealth with our General Investing, Thematic, and Goal-based Investing, all powered by ERAA™.


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Invest with intelligence
Invest with intelligence

Frequently Asked Questions

A single return figure (Time-Weighted Returns vs Money-Weighted Returns) does not tell the whole story of how well a portfolio performs.

Returns are one thing but the level of risk exposure your portfolio has in achieving those returns is an entirely different matter. 

Remember to consider how much risk your portfolio manager exposes your money to in the name of getting your returns.

StashAway chooses the best-in-class ETFs on your behalf. We chose the largest, most liquid, most tradable, and most cost-effective ETFs with the lowest tracking error to the index and a sufficiently long track record. 

We choose simple ETFs, which means they have no leverage or complex payoffs and have no ETNs to avoid credit risk of issuers. 

You can read more about our ETF selection criteria here and the list of funds that we use here.

Our Chief Investing Officer, Freddy Lim who leads our investment team, has over 15 years of experience in cross-asset investing and portfolio management. 

Freddy joined StashAway after years of investment expertise as MD and Global Head of Derivatives Strategy at Nomura. He gained his strong background in cross-asset portfolio at Millennium Capital Management and as APAC Head of G10 rates strategy at Citi. 

After his Bachelor’s Degree in Econometrics and Quantitative Economics at Monash University, he started his steep career as Head of Interest Rate Strategy at Morgan Stanley Japan.

There is no minimum deposit amount required.

You have full discretion on how much and when you want to invest, including no minimum balance to maintain the account. You may also skip a month or two, resume, and withdraw whenever you wish. All without incurring charges or penalties.

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