Flexible Portfolio - USD Cash Plus

Earn 5.33% yield to maturity* with USD Cash Plus

Invest in ultra-low-risk US Treasuries. Earn on any amount. No minimum, no maximum, no rules.
*As of 31 May 2024

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Earn 5.33% yield to maturity* with USD Cash Plus
Earn 5.33% yield to maturity* with USD Cash Plus

With our USD Cash Plus portfolio, you’ll get exposure to short-duration US Treasury bills with maturities between 0–3 months.

Grow your cash with no rules

  • No minimum or maximum balance
  • No lock-ins
  • No restrictions on withdrawals or transfers
Grow your cash with no rules

Why invest in USD Cash Plus?

Treasury yields are at decade-highs

Interest rates are likely to stay high in 2024, providing investors compelling yields at low risk

US Treasuries are one of the safest investments around

They're backed by the US government

Helps protect against inflation

Yields are correlated to rising interest rates


A safe-haven that is widely accepted as a global reserve currency

USD Cash Plus portfolio is good for

  • Ideal for planning future expenses in USD e.g. saving for children's tuition overseas.
  • Helps in diversifying local currency exposure with the world’s safe haven currency
  • Allows for holding cash in USD for upcoming overseas investments.
  • Benefit from the current decade-high yield US treasuries.

More about our USD Cash Plus portfolio

We offer our USD Cash Plus portfolio as a template under our customisable Flexible Portfolios in the StashAway app. Select the USD Cash Plus template, and customise it anytime from 60+ different asset classes.

USD Cash Plus portfolio

Latest yield: 5.33%* p.a.
US Treasury yield as of 31 May 2024

Invests in ultra-low-risk US Treasuries

Underlying funds
JPMorgan BetaBuilders US Treasury Bond 0-3 Months UCITS ETF

Historical Max Drawdown

USD Cash Plus portfolio


- The yield to maturity is provided by the ETF fund manager and does not take into account fees, possible taxation(s) and/or other charges. It is not a guarantee of future performance and is also subject to currency fluctuation(s).

- Since its inception, the net asset value (NAV) of the underlying fund of USD Cash Plus has experienced a maximum historical drawdown of 0.05%.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Short-dated US Treasuries are also known as Treasury bills (T-bills). They're debt securities issued by the US government with a maturity of one year or less, making them highly liquid.

US Treasuries are backed by the US government, making them virtually one of the safest investments around. The US government has a long history of meeting its debt obligations since it can pay off its debts by raising taxes or printing more money.  The only credit risk would come from the highly unlikely scenario that the US government would default.

We offer USD Cash Plus as part of our Flexible Portfolios offering, which allows you to build and customise your portfolio. You can adjust it any time and make the portfolio unique to your preferences by adding or removing asset classes. For example, you could add exposure to Emerging Markets or local government bonds. It’s free to make any changes, any time you want.

USD Cash Plus invests 99% in short-term US Treasury Bills, which are ultra-low-risk investments. That’s because Treasury Bills are fully backed by the US government, which guarantees that your interest and principal payments will be paid on time. Their short maturities of 0-3 months make them less sensitive to interest rate movements and highly liquid, meaning that they can be easily converted to cash. The only credit risk would come from the highly unlikely scenario that the US government would default.

However, keep in mind that the USD Cash Plus is a USD-based portfolio, so your returns might be subject to currency fluctuations between USD and THB.

Everyone. Since US Treasuries are ultra-low risk and liquid, it’s a great way to grow your cash.

USD Cash Plus is perfect for those planning future expenses in USD, such as saving for children's tuition overseas, holding your cash in USD for your upcoming overseas investment, diversifying local currency exposure with the world’s safe haven currency, or taking advantage of the current decade-high yield of the ultra-low risk US treasuries.

The underlying ETF is an accumulating share class. This means that the dividends received will be reinvested in the ETF instead of being paid out, increasing the value of your ETF. Over time, you will compound your gains - thanks to the power of compounding interest.

As always with StashAway, there are no restrictions for withdrawals, so you can withdraw any amount from your portfolio, at any time.

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