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It's easy to invest globally

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Our range of portfolios makes it easy for you to build the financial journey you want.

General Investing Portfolio

Invest in globally-diversified portfolios built with ETFs. Just choose how much risk you want to take, and we'll navigate the market cycles so you remain one step ahead in achieving your financial goals.

Goal-based Investing Portfolio

Align your investment strategy with life goals and gain returns that meet your real-world needs. Our Goal-based Investment portfolio consists of globally-diversified ETFs and helps you reframe wealth, your way.

Thematic Portfolios

Diversify your existing investments with ETFs from some of the best fund managers in thematic investing. Boost and grow your long-term wealth in industries you understand and believe in.

Flexible Portfolios

Customise your own portfolios by picking your assets and adjusting their allocations.

Our expertise helps you focus on returns

Stashaway brings more than 50 years of industry experience with over 30,000 hours of research and testing. This results in precision investing or what we call Economic Regime-based Asset Allocation (ERAA™).
Put data behind your money, not emotions
ERAA™ monitors data, cuts through market noise and dives into what’s really going on in the economy as a whole.
Allocate assets intelligently, not cherry-pick securities
We monitor changes in the market and allocate your assets to capture opportunities, so your portfolios get the best combination of protection and performance.
Optimise your returns and avoid unnecessary risks
With our StashAway Risk Index (SRI), you can rest easy knowing your investments will not lose more returns than you’re willing to tolerate regardless of economic conditions.
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Our pricing

At StashAway, we believe in a straightforward and transparent fee structure. Our annual management fees start as low as 0.2%, with unlimited withdrawals and transfers plus free account setup and no exit fees. Start focusing on returns, not costs.
Total Investment
Annual Fee Rate
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Blended rate: 0% P.A.

Our management fees are 0.2% to 0.8% per annum, inclusive of VAT. This does not include the expense ratio charged by the ETF manager.

We've worked with our FX vendor to bring you one of the lowest foreign exchange rates  in the market.

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We earn trust all over the world, every single day

StashAway is the first digital wealth platform in Southeast Asia with more than $1 billion USD in total assets under management. 174 nationalities living in 145 countries are building their wealth with us.

We earn trust all over the world, every single day

We back your investments with data so you can focus on returns

With our Economic Regime-based Asset Allocation (ERAA™), rest easy knowing that your capital and assets remain protected even in uncertain market conditions.

We back your investments with data so you can focus on returns

We put people behind our portfolios, so you come first

We keep our communication channels open so you can gain access to personalised and dedicated help. Make sense of your investment portfolios, anytime you need.

We put people behind our portfolios, so you come first

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Frequently Asked Questions

StashAway chooses the best-in-class ETFs on your behalf. We chose the largest, most liquid, most tradable, and most cost-effective ETFs with the lowest tracking error to the index and a sufficiently long track record. We choose simple ETFs, which means they have no leverage or complex payoffs, and have no ETNs to avoid credit risk of issuer.

StashAway uses ETFs because they are exchange listed products with deep liquidity, high trading volumes, and have very low expense fees.

Learn more: How StashAway Selects ETFs

Based on your risk preferences, selected goal, and current economic regime, our algorithm carefully picks the ETFs most suitable for your goal. This allows us to provide the most optimal diversification personalised to you. 

As such, it is not possible for a customer to handpick the ETFs or the allocation.

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