I have multiple portfolios. How should I use my reference code?

Your unique reference code is for linking all of your deposits (to any and all goals) to your StashAway account. You will see this reference code in your transfer details after you scan the QR code provided in your transfer instruction through your bank’s mobile application. Please make sure that your reference code is filled in correctly in all deposits (one-time or monthly) so that we can invest your money more quickly.

You can find instructions on how to set up transfers and where to check your unique reference code after you set up or edit your deposit plans.

Your funds will be allocated to your portfolios based on the amount(s) you enter on Deposit Plan in your StashAway account. In the case that we receive an amount different from your deposit plans, we will allocate the funds proportionally based on how much you indicate to go towards each portfolio, first to one-time transfers, then to monthly transfers.