How do I make changes to my one-time and monthly deposits?

To update the instructions for One-time or Monthly Deposit, kindly refer the following:

Step 1: Select "Transfer" on the top right.

Step 2: Select “Put money in.”

Step 3: Select either to edit your one-time or monthly deposit plan.

Step 4: Modify the amounts accordingly.

Step 5: Click “Continue.”

Step 6: Review your deposit plan and click “Continue.”

Step 7: Read through your transfer instruction and click “Done.”

Kindly note that making an amendment to a one-time or monthly deposit plan before we receive your funds will replace any previous one-time or monthly deposit plan. Hence, our system will allocate the funds based on the latest one-time or monthly deposit plan when our bank receives the funds.

If the recurring payment is being made via standing instruction from your bank platform, kindly verify this on your banking platform as well to ensure that the scheduled deposit has been amended or cancelled accordingly.