Introducing Our USD Cash Plus Portfolio

21 April 2023

Want to earn a rate on your cash? You can now invest in ultra-low risk US Treasuries yielding 5.45%* p.a.

Yield to maturity as of 30 April 2024

Bond yields are currently at decade highs, so it’s a great time to consider putting your cash to work in a high-yield portfolio. Our USD Cash Plus fits the bill with exposure to low-risk, short-duration US government bonds with remaining maturities between 0–3 months. It’s also USD-based, giving you exposure to a traditional safe haven currency.

📱 In the app, select “Flexible Portfolios” > “Start with a template portfolio” > “USD Cash Plus”

An overview of our USD Cash Plus portfolio:

✔️No lock-in period
There are no restrictions on withdrawals and transfers.

✔️No minimum investment amount
Start investing with ฿200, ฿20,000, ฿2,000,000 or more - it’s up to you!

✔️US Treasuries are ultra-low risk
They’re backed by the US government.

✔️Helps protect against inflation
Yields are correlated to rising interest rates.

Firstly, what are short-dated US treasury bonds?

Short-dated US Treasuries are also known as Treasury bills (T-bills). They're debt securities issued by the US government with a maturity of one year or less, making them highly liquid.

How risky are US Treasuries?

US Treasuries are backed by the US government, making them virtually one of the safest investments around. The US government has a long history of meeting its debt obligations since it can pay off its debts by raising taxes or printing more money. As the name suggests, US Treasuries are USD-denominated, which is a safe haven currency due to the stable political and economic system of the US, and USD being widely accepted as a global reserve currency. The only credit risk associated to US Treasuries would come from the highly unlikely scenario that the US government would default.

But, note that since it's a USD-based portfolio, your returns might be subject to currency fluctuations between USD and THB.

How to buy US Treasuries

You can invest in US Treasuries as part of our Flexible Portfolios offering. To create a portfolio in the StashAway app:

📱 Select “Flexible Portfolios” > “Start with a template portfolio” > “USD Cash Plus”


The yield to maturity is provided by the ETF fund manager and does not take into account fees, possible taxation(s) and/or other charges. It is not a guarantee of future performance and is also subject to currency fluctuation(s).

Since its inception, the net asset value (NAV) of the underlying fund of USD Cash Plus has experienced a maximum historical drawdown of 0.05%.

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