StashAway’s Returns in 2020

21 January 2021

2020 was a volatile, uncertain year in too many ways to count. Despite that, our portfolios returned strong earnings.

Remember that markets will often react in unpredictable ways to company news, geopolitical events, and more. Investing for the long term is more likely to generate consistent returns, and that's why you shouldn't worry about short-term volatility. Since inception, our portfolios have withstood not only the COVID-19 market crash but also Trump's trade war with China in 2019.

As always, when we share our performance, we compare it against our portfolios’ same-risk benchmarks. A same-risk benchmark is a portfolio that has the same risk exposure (measured as value-at-risk) as one of our own portfolios. We specifically designed our investment framework to maximise returns at a given risk level. As you can see, most of our portfolios outperformed their same-risk benchmarks.

For our latest 2021 returns, please seeHow our portfolios have performed.


ERAA™’s annualised returns since we launched

As we say time and time again, investing is for the long term. So in the spirit of not only looking at recent returns, here’s how the portfolios managed by ERAA™ have performed on average each year since it first launched in Singapore in July 2017.

StashAway annualised rates of return since portfolio inception***


Read more about our asset allocation framework, ERAA™. ERAA™ delivers a macroeconomic portfolio management strategy that minimises risk and maximises returns for personalised portfolios across any economic environment.

*Our same-risk benchmarks are proxied by MSCI World Equity Index (for equities) and FTSE World Government Bond Index (for bonds). The benchmarks we use have the same 10-years realised volatility as our portfolios.

**We calculate these returns before fees. All returns are in USD terms.

***Performance since launch in Singapore, the inception date for portfolios with SRI 6.5%, 8%, 10%, 12%, 14%, 16%, 18%, and 20% is 19 July 2017; the inception date for portfolios with SRIs of 26%, 30%, and 36% is 16 August 2018; the inception date for the portfolio with SRI 22% is 15 August 2019.

Past performance is not a guarantee for future returns. Please study the product's features, return conditions, and relevant risks before making an investment decision.

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