Flexible Portfolios

What are Flexible Portfolios?

What are the Flexible Portfolio templates?

What is a Risk-focused template and what does it comprise of?

What is Passive Income template and what does it comprise of?

What is World Index Tracking template and what does it comprise of?

Can I edit my Flexible Portfolio after it has been created and funded?

How does StashAway manage my Flexible Portfolio?

How does StashAway rebalance my Flexible Portfolio?

Will StashAway re-optimise my Flexible Portfolio?

What is the difference between rebalancing and re-optimisation?

How does StashAway choose ETFs for each asset class?

Will the underlying ETFs under the asset classes always remain the same?

Why can’t I remove cash from my Flexible Portfolio?

How many Flexible Portfolios can I create?

What is the minimum allocation per asset class within a Flexible Portfolio?

What’s the minimum amount required to invest in a Flexible Portfolio?

What are the fees involved in creating a Flexible Portfolio?

What are the fees for Flexible Portfolio templates?

Can I get dividend payouts with any of the Flexible Portfolios?

Is there a minimum investment to get dividend payouts from Flexible Portfolios?

How can I know how much I will get in dividend payouts and when?

Can I convert an existing portfolio to a Flexible Portfolio?

How is the Risk Level calculated for Flexible Portfolios?

How many asset classes do I need to have in a portfolio?

What are short-dated US Treasuries?

Who is the USD Cash Plus portfolio good for?

How risky are US Treasuries?

Can I customise my USD Cash Plus portfolio?

How often will I earn returns with USD Cash Plus portfolio?

How is USD Cash Plus ultra-low risk?

What are the fees for USD Cash Plus portfolio?

Is my USD Cash Plus balance calculated into my overall investments with StashAway?

Are my investments in USD Cash Plus subject to withholding tax?

What is yield to maturity?

Will my actual returns always match the yield to maturity?